Innovation Marketing

IMDM Innovation is at the core of everything we do- and exists to identify, research, investigate, invest in and/or bring new opportunities and technologies to the IMDM group and its range of clients. Digital innovation is the business unit that incubates new ideas, brings them to fruition and allows the rest of the business to take them to market, or indeed, to launch them into the businesses of our customers. It is where the magic happens, trends are set and the tone of the digital marketplace is determined.

Feel free to introduce your technology or solution to us during one of our Innovation Situation sessions where new tech is presented to the group and to interested clients on a monthly basis. Or, as a client interested in the next big thing in digital marketing, please make contact and we’ll share all we can.

Our Services

Research into new product solutions | Incubation and testing of new product solutions | Identification of new software and technologies | Development of new product solutions, software and technologies | Specific research and development into customer-required tools that will ease bottle necks and facilitate better business | Zappar Virtual Reality experiences and devices | Visual Shazam experiences, powered by Zappar

Current and Past Projects
Zappar augmented reality launch into SA   |   Development of MobyQuick- a mobile services DIY portal   |   iBeacons in SA   |   Remote brainstorming solutions   |   Customised Project Management Solutions   |   Lifi

Most Recent Projects

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Through Shazam, we are thrilled to be a part of the only integrated app in the world which allows for beacons, inaudible sound technology, AR and so much more

Director in Charge: Riaan Nel | +27 (82) 990 8686

To have an opportunity to present your tech at one of our Innovation Situations, please contact Lisa on